All Year Golf

Play Golf Year Round at Cosset Creek

What does it mean to be dedicated? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines dedicated as ‘having very strong support for or loyalty to a person, group, cause, etc.’ and ‘devoted to a cause, ideal or purpose.’ A dedicated individual is one who doesn’t give up because something got hard. They are not deterred by bad weather, cold temperatures or less than ideal conditions. They don’t stop because something changes; instead, they look for an opportunity to keep on going. Dedicated people adjust when needed to keep pursuing what they love. Are you dedicated? More specifically, are you a dedicated golfer in Northern Ohio? If so, you’re in luck and your dedication is going to pay off…because Cossett Creek is open all year round!

Winter Golf

During the winter months, golf remains a great way to get out and challenge your mind and body – but golfing at Cossett Creek during the winter requires a few shifts in your game. Obviously, the course will not be open during severe weather in order to ensure player safety, but during the clear, crisp days of winter, the course will be open! Here are a few tips to keep in mind this winter season:

Clothing: It is very important to stay warm while golfing in the winter – but you also want to be comfortable, and not feel hindered by winter gear when taking your swing. Light layers are helpful here – such as wearing fleece lined thermals under your trousers. Gloves are a must – find a pair that fits snugly so that you can still properly grip your club. You will also want to keep your ears warm – there are a variety of ear warmers and hats on the market to suit any taste or style.

Hydration: Believe it or not, it is actually more important to stay hydrated in the winter than in the summer – in the winter, it is more difficult for you to tell that you are thirsty. So be sure to take liquids with you on your rounds at Cossett Creek. An insulated thermos is a great choice to carry hot or cold drinks with you while you play – like water, tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Safety: Golfing in the winter is challenging and fun – but it also has a few safety risks to keep in mind while you are on the course. Pay attention to the temperature – if it gets too cold, it’s probably time to find a place to warm up to avoid frostbite. Also watch for wet, slick or icy areas on the course to avoid sustaining an injury due to slipping and falling.
Course opening/closing determined on a daily basis. Tee Times will be updated online as soon as the course is determined safe to play.

Tee times are preferred and can be booked online here.

For more information, call 330.225.7370.